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Well GalaGirl,

It's something that's she's been wanting to try for years and years. She finally met someone she loves.

I love her SO much I want her to have what she wants in life.

No, I don't like it, but I also can't stifle my wife and her dreams.

As you know, it's never simple, right?

So, I'm willing for her to give this a try. It's just that I didn't anticipate the STD thing... I mean, yeah with HIV and all... but herpes did not cross my mind until it was recently revealed to me.

So, I guess I'm just needing to look at this STD issue for now...and then after they meet, see where she as at and take it from there.

So yes, I am mono and not interested in anyone but my amazing wife. Trouble is, if you want someone to be amazing, you have to let them be fully who they are...and well, this is who she is. As you know, you are just built the way you are.
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