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Unhappy Flirting with disaster

You( any of you won't like this post).

I am survivor of this foolishness you all embrace. Some months back my wife of 12 years got it in to her head she could have a boyfriend and in a totally delusional rational figured I would accept it as the new normal in our lives. Wrong!

She now finds herself homeless and broke without two nickels to rub together. Her bf she called beast no less kicked her to the curb literaly aswell.

I'm not a cuckhold like so many on here. I'm very committed but will not tolerate betrayal.

She called me yesterday to tell me police are watching her now.(She's attempting to be a online hooker.) Ofcourse she's scared and doesn't know what to.

She's wasting her breath expecting any help or sympathy from me. I have full custody of our Nine year old daughter aswell as all assets.

The road to hell is afterall paved with good intentions.

I never abused her, never took her for granted, I loved her with all my heart and never wanted another woman, but once a line has been crossed it can be crossed easier over and over.

She has to accept the new reality she made for herself.

Don't think I'm happy about any of this, because I'm not. My daughters a wreck because of my wife's idiot lifestyle choice and I now endure an unbearable shame and loneness that is beyond words....

Peace too you all. I hope things work better for you as I wouldn't wish any of what/s happened/ing to me on anybody.
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