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Things are like anything crazy event in semi normal people's lives. Lol. A is always my biggest fan and supporter and I keep her update on all conversation with M. Which helps alot. A has reached out to M, they are now Facebook friends. I didnt expect it the two talk so quickly. As of late M is distant but thats her thing. The thing that is most upsetting is knowing you love someone and they love you but their actions say otherwise. M has saying everything short of her true feelings. I have since began to distance myself as much as possible from her, even in light of A and M starting a friendship. A and myself like to say she skips alot, meaning in any given conversation if something comes up that reveal her intentions she dodge it like mad. I have been working on my way out of the job I have with M, not only because of her. I have reached the point of where I dont see myself goin any further there. If there are any job openings you know of for illustrator and creative writing let me know...lmao. good news: finished illustrations for a pregnancy book, so that gets to go in my resume. Other than that we are counting down the days cause I m ready to spend time with my boy.

M loves attention and the fact someone sees her not as an object but as a woman and a person. I m done playing the lift me up and make me feel good about myself game with her. Writing it out helps me put a new perspective on things and help me work out wanting her. And the support and love A gives makes it easier.
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