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Originally Posted by alibabe_muse View Post
My response is only in regards to your financial student loan situation. Have you applied for a deferment or forebearance? There are financial hardships, unemployment ones (even if you don't receive unemployment as long as you are registered with your state's unemployment department you would get that deferment) or even asking to be put on the ICR (income contingent repayment plan). I am currently on the ICR and my monthly payment is $0 for 12 months. What is nice about the ICR and a zero payment is when you do have extra money you can pay even if no payment is due.

You do have options to get this stress minimized you just need to be proactive and contact your student loan company.
Yes, I/we did try. They actually kept changing the amounts until they called once and my dad exploded on the phone because, well, they couldn't keep switching it up like that. We tried to get deferment and such, but it didn't work out. That is why this lack of a lucrative income is very problematic.

I think it's because the situation strikes a chord with him. He feels terribly about not yet having the funds to move out and provide me with a consistent "haven." The thought of someone else providing for me probably furthers his shame and guilt about it, even though it's not his responsibility at all.

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