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Originally Posted by LadyLigeia View Post
Hi, everyone! Please help me with this. Next month, I'll have been with my partner for nine years. We have a very open relationship and I've hooked him up with many women in the past. Honestly, I hook him up quite actively. I enjoy it when others get to enjoy him because there is only one of him!

With that said, I've also been enduring financial hardships due to - PLOT TWIST - student loans. I've been trying to find a good job but as of now, I'm working minimal hours at a job that I hate. What I hate more is everyone telling me, "It's a paycheck! Just deal with it!" I understand where they are coming from, but there's nothing more disheartening than sending out my resume all day and receiving no response. My father has a grueling job that pays the bills very well but it's a lot of stress on his body, mind and soul. He's always talking about how hard it is. I am so traumatized by what I've seen him go through at this high-paying but so grueling, that I have lost all interest in having kids and cultivated a very hedonistic philosophy towards life. Even when the bills were all satisfied, my dad was always very stressed about money and the mere thought of being in debt drives me insane. The loan companies expect me to pay almost 950 a month and although it's gotten better, my dad sometimes guilts me about not being able to pay it and being shitty at the menial jobs I've been getting. (I have skills, but none that match the workplaces I've been getting in.) I'm also worried about my dad's health and don't want the strain or stress to shorten his life. Although he's mostly loving, his job often shortens his temper threshold and he rages. As in, he yells and berates. I'm really grateful to have food/shelter and I love him, but it's so stressful not making money. Sometimes, thinking about my finances makes me feel suicidal. It used to happen more often than it does and it's gotten better since I stopped crucifying myself for not being able to find a job.
My response is only in regards to your financial student loan situation. Have you applied for a deferment or forebearance? There are financial hardships, unemployment ones (even if you don't receive unemployment as long as you are registered with your state's unemployment department you would get that deferment) or even asking to be put on the ICR (income contingent repayment plan). I am currently on the ICR and my monthly payment is $0 for 12 months. What is nice about the ICR and a zero payment is when you do have extra money you can pay even if no payment is due.

You do have options to get this stress minimized you just need to be proactive and contact your student loan company.
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