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Not a lot going on externally.

My date was rescheduled to next weekend. I assumed he was bailing on me but he wanted to reschedule right away so I take that as a good sign. Of course, one never knows with dating.

The recent storm about not bottoming in public is on hiatus. I'm not sure if it has really gone away. I continue to be careful about what we do in public, I'm not sure where the line is, and I'm not sure if Whip knows. I feel willing to bottom in public again with him so I guess that's progress. Treading carefully here.

My metamour wants to get to know me better. I am curious why but I am open to the idea. I don't think we have much in common but I don't know her well and could be wrong. I think I would want to see if we can get together for coffee or something. I don't particulary want to hang out all three of us. While I find the idea of a polycule abstractly appealing, I hate the idea of being expected to be close to metamours just because they are metamours. Ick. I don't think that is what is going on. I think she is just a nice person.

I am experimenting to see if I can live with another person. My best friend and her husband needed a place to stay. So they have been living at my place for a week or two. So far it has gone pretty well. But they also have a set leave time and I wonder if I was living with another person permanently if it would be harder for me to cope. Maybe. But I am pleased with the initial 'experiment.' I may not be condemned to live alone for the rest of my life! If I chose to live alone that is one thing. But if I have to live alone because I can't tolerate the noise and disturbances of another person, well that's another. I'm not happy about that possiblity. I don't like the idea of being a person so limited that I can't have another person in my living space.
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