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When you want to date someone, there is the usual drill. But she's a friend already, you know her well? Having dinner together is not something new. First you need to think about what you have to offer her as lovers, not just friends.

Is she bisexual? Would she be expected to have sex with both of you? What if she is interested only in one of you sexually? If she fell in love with your wife, and vice versa, but not with you, would that make you jealous? Ruin your friendship?

She is successful and has her own home. Is your goal to get her to live with you? In your place, hers, or a new house for all 3?

Do you also have children? How old are they? Would they accept having 2 mommies now?

She is the new mother of a one month old baby. She has a whole new person to get to know. Is this really the time for her to pursue 2 romantic relationship, as as well finding a balance in a triad? She has a full time job, a new baby, a nanny, a house to keep up? Does she really want to date right now?
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