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@ Atlantis ... sorry about the Breaking Bad spoiler, I forgot to forewarn you about that. Don't worry though, every episode of Breaking Bad is worth watching and watching again, spoilers or no spoilers. And while this too is kind of a spoiler, let me just say that the last episode is a mind-blower. Blew my mind at least.

Which is actually one of the reasons I didn't much care for the Dexter finale. Kind of went off like a firecracker after Breaking Bad's full fireworks show. Surely Dexter deserved something just as great!

Re: Dexter spin-offs ... meh. Especially if Deb's dead and Michael Hall's heart's not in it. The standing finale seemed to me to be saying that Dex's heart's not in it anymore either. And how would they explain all the other silliness left unexplained in the finale? Too late to fix it now; I suggest they let that sleeping dog lie and move on to other, not-so-related projects. M*A*S*H ended; Breaking Bad ended; Dexter can end. And that's my opinion, which in concert with five bucks'll be worth a Starbucks.

It's all about story arc, you see. A really good ending draws one's mind to the full-circle contrast of the beginning of a show/series. Godfather and Breaking Bad did that. Dexter, not so much so. Walter White and Michael Corleone traveled a path as characters that led to the given endings and thus made sense. Michael traveled a clear course from innocence and blessings to a curse and a corruption that he couldn't escape. Walter traveled a clear course from regular joe with no clue about meth and its underworld, to a place where he'd become "The Master" of those things. In both cases, you could see the characters metamorphosing in that/those direction/s.

Dexter's character vector (on the other hand) was from a cold-blooded killer (pilot episode) to a warm-blooded regular guy (after more than eight seasons?). The whole story arc pointed that way and yet at the end, he's suddenly anything but a regular guy, he abruptly becomes completely unexplainable and, like you pointed out, to protect his son from his own supposed serial killer-ness, he leaves his son in the hands of another serial killer. What? Eh, I think the character made a sudden left turn out of the wild blue for no appreciable (let alone foreshadowed) reason. I guess some folks'll like it, but it wasn't my cup of tea.

Okay *now* I'm done venting (this time for sure).

@ Brighty18 ... no need to worry about this thread getting locked or something. That would only happen if there was a great big off-topic (what's off-topic in a blog thread -- I don't know) fight broke out and ... yeah, actually not the type of thing that normally happens. Since I've posted on this thread, I'm therefore subscribed to it, which means I'll always -- sometimes a few days? weeks?? nah, later -- take notice whenever someone else posts in it. Be it a year or a decade (not a century coz by then I'll be dead) from now. I'll always keep up on this thread, it's my baby.

Ah, if only I could qualify as sci-fi geek. I'm just an armchair amateur with enough trivial knowledge to talk myself into trouble but not enough to talk myself back out. No problems on me having lots of opinions though!

No, you made the right call, avoiding the LDS trail, I think. As for monogamy (versus say polygamy), most Mormons are fervently opposed to anything not monogamous. Kind of like being in an angry state of denial. Oh yes patriarchal polygyny flooded the church's past -- and floods faithful males' eternal future -- but hush hush, we don't talk about that, and shame on anyone who does anything but marry in a one-man one-woman type of a way.

I had a couple of "ready-made friends" here in the Seattle area, and I'm sure it'll be easy enough to make more, but I've only been here about a month and don't have much thoughts about cooking up a large social life -- yet. Talk to me again in a year and who knows.

It's great here. We're not technically *in* Seattle but we're within easy reach of it. And for those who've never been here, can I just say that while yes it rains often around here, it's also often quite Sunny. In fact there's a five-month Summery season in which everyone's lawns brown out because no one thinks to manually water them. Winter Temps seldom dip below 40 and Summer Temps seldom hit 90. I consider it to be a great deal.

Yeah, me and music have some history together. But I'm more just a writer now ... an internet typist to be more exact.

Too bad I didn't know more of you when I was in New Mex. We could have met. Oh well, we've met now -- and that's nice.

Where did I used to live?
  • Utah (Provo/Utah Valley)
  • Michigan (north of Detroit)
  • New Mexico (Albuqueque)
... and now Washington.

Do I miss "it?" Well "it" being several States, I guess I'll give a "group answer" and say, "No, but I don't mind visiting my old stomping grounds now and then."

Thanks for the well wishes and ... ... right back atcha.
Kevin T.
Love means never having to say, "Put down that meat cleaver!"
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