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Red face This might be our unicorn

So I am a married man, married to a wonderful woman. We've been together nearly ten years. We have discussed poly in the terms of a closed triad. We even discussed the possibility of one of our close friend, but only to together.

So about our friend, she is awesome! She's very independent, owns her own home and has a nice career. She is beautiful enough to a successful model, if she ever desired. But she is lonely. Most guys just want her for her body or to be their trophy. About a month ago she had a child. The father is not in the picture at all. Likely doesn't even about the child. (NOTE: she has very reasonable reasons for him not to know). So, of course, we have discussed her being out "unicorn".

We haven't said anything to her this though, mainly due to timing. She just had a child and is still a new mother.

Anyways, we went to her Super Bowl party. We had a great time, talked for hours. During our talks, she said something that surprised the hell out of us. During talking about the down side of being a single mother, she said "I think the three of us should get together and live one of those poly lifestyles". With the tone she used it wasn't clear if she was joking or completely honest. That's when I put it all on the line. I replied that B(wife) and I had been thinking about a triad relationship a lot and that she was always on top of the list of candidates.

She wasn't at all surprised by that and quickly responded that she has been thinking of being with us for sometime. She then, mentioned all the perks a triad relationship would offer. After that other people came in and the subject changed.

Over the last few days, we have talked you her some about it. B and I are ready to start "courting" her, but we are really lost on how to do that. I mean, do we call and ask her to dinner. Perhaps, Randomly send her flowers, or maybe offer her a night of relaxation, with us cooking for her.

We are open to any advice offered.

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