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More RA info, taken from ...

RA = Relation Anarch, Relation Anarchist, Relation Anarchy, Relationship Anarchy, or unlimited relations. RA is a form of polyamory in which relationships are not formally defined, so that one is not expected to behave strictly as a "friend," a "spouse," a "lover," a "partner," or what have you, in the company of any one (or more) other person (or persons). Many relationship anarchists simply call everyone they know "friend." This freedom from RD (Relationship Definitionism) enables several parallel relations that can each be friendly, sensual, and sexual. As with other forms of polyamory, RA depends on the acceptance of all persons involved.
RA principles:
  • You can love many, and each relationship is unique.
  • Love and Respect is to have no demands (no templates).
  • Give yourself a solid point of view (no exemptions).
  • Remember the heterosexual norm but don't be afraid.
  • Spontaneity instead of duty.
  • Fake it til you make it.
  • Trust instead of suspicion.
  • Change through communication.
On-site threads:Off-site references:With finpoly being perhaps the best of the above.

Hope that helps.
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