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Default Well, looks like you folks were right

So my friend wrote an email to the woman who was interested in him, basically saying that he was mono, that was not going to change for anyone, least of all her, and while the flirting and flattery she was sending his way was fun, he expressed concern that it looked like she wanted much more than simple friendship. She wrote back that she understood and thanked him for clarifying things. Then he saw her at a social event the very next day, with his wife, and this woman started playing with his hair in a rather intimate way. She made both him and his wife uncomfortable. He said that neither of them were inclined to deal with her in person during a friendly social occasion, but that he IMed her later and told her that she had made both of them uncomfortable. It sounds to me like she got huffy and she said she was "backing off." My guess is, she doesn't have any plans to be "friends" with him anymore. Time will tell!

Ugh, I hate, hate, hate people who pretend they want friendship when all it really is, is sexual agenda. I think this is going to be a hard lesson for my friend.
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