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Originally Posted by Inthedark View Post
I have confronted my abuser. Im not sure how it happened but I was chatting with her on facebook the other day and she started in with the abuse. I told her to stop and that I was tired of being treated that way and that I was very afraid of her. Of course she told me that my fear is not her problem but I am arguing against her with fact and logic. Thanks for those who posted links to websites. They have been very helpful. It is strange though. I feel very bad. Im spending a lot of time depressed and crying. But at the same time I feel so good. And I know, at least for the next few months, I will be safe.
A friend of mine was married to an emotionally abusive woman. When he tried to talk to her about modifying her behavior, her response was pretty much the same as you got: "I'm happy, so if you're not, it's your problem." That said, despite refusing to modify her behavior, she saw no reason why the marriage should end. To this day she fails to understand.

My friend had to use every bit of his logic to leave, because emotionally nothing felt right to him - neither staying nor going.
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