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Can I really be feeling NRE after one single date? OMG I am a nut! He is feeling it too. It's just so wonderful. To go from being so let down and sad, to feeling overwhelmed, to upbeat, to the incredible rush that is NRE - just wow.

My Fet inbox was overflowing today too - lots of guys at the party I attended who did and didn't talk to me, wanting to see if they could carve out time to get to know me better at the next event. I am still shocked by this. I was far from the most attractive woman at the party. At one point though, I noticed that I was alone in a room with at least 8 guys, all vying for my attention - laughing at my jokes, complimenting me, just being really friendly and nice. Course, they all wanted to fuck me, but it was surprising to me because there were plenty of other women for them to talk to, one room over. In fact, that room had 5 women in it, and just 2 guys. And those ladies were very hot, in my opinion.

Later that night, a guy told me that the reason I was was so attractive, was that I was clearly intelligent, confident and yes, sexy as fuck in my kneesocks and Converse hitops. He told me that guys respond to a girl who knows what she wants. I guess he was right, because I was certainly popular. I am not used to feeling that, and I am still feeling that now. It's like I said earlier - it feels empowering, and it has given me a real self esteem boost.

That said, though there were a couple of guys at the party I want to get to know better, I am enamored with PunkRockAwesomesauce right now. I am going to have difficulty falling asleep because I feel that incredible lightness that love gives to my nerve endings. Just giddy and stupid here, don't mind me.

Oh, and PunkRockAwesomesauce knows all about the party and the upcoming movie night. I actually told him all about my entire adventures with poly, even my worst sex ever experience. Lol I figured we needed to start out with as much honesty as possible. So far, things are great.
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