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I don't even know where to begin with this entry. Um, I finally went out on a date with a guy that I have been messaging with for a long while, and it went spectacularly. Meaning, our 12:30 lunch date lasted until 5:30, and then the restaurant kicked us out. It would have gone on longer. This guy is absolutely awesome. We had SO much to talk about and I would have gone home with him that night if he had put it out there. Since he is a gentleman, he didn't, but damn, he is hot and smart and I am ready to jump into a relationship with him. He is monogamous, but wanting to try polyfi with me. We are supposed to see each other this week, and he bought us concert tickets to go see a band we both like next week. OOOOOH keeping my fingers crossed. I know I am squeeing waaaaaaay too much over a first date, but with all of our messages, and our similar outlooks on life - I am really, really optimistic and digging this guy.

I haven't talked to J in a week. He fizzled out and I am tired of driving to see someone who isn't clicking anymore. We just both kinda just stopped contacting each other.

Greg is cool. We don't have anything set up for this week, but we are still chatting.

Trying too hard guy is getting his STD tests done this week. I am not sure if he is right for me at all. Thinking about it, but not looking to set anything up with him until after his tests come back.

I went to a play party event this past weekend. One of the guys I have been talking to on FL and OKC was there. He was into me lots. We are still talking, but I like his FWB better. lol She doesn't live far from me and I think I have made a new BFF. The event was crazy fun, and I was super popular, which surprised me. I am not all that, but apparently tons of guys wanted to get to know me better. I drank a little too much and went home with a girl I met that night and crashed on her couch so I didn't die on the drive home. She is also now an awesome new friend. She invited me to a movie night at her house on Friday night, so I am going to go to that, for sure. The guy that I was talking to at the party and his FWB live nearby, so we are going to all carpool to the movie night.

Right now I am really having a great time and I feel like my life is on the upswing. I think a lot has to do with the fact that I have had so many dates, and all of them have gone really well. I haven't felt despair over my choices lately, instead I have felt empowered. It is a great feeling.
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