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Originally Posted by YouAreHere View Post
If you aren't ready, then the time isn't right.

Talk this TO DEATH before doing it if you're at all unsure:
1-What level of PDA are you comfortable with in front of you and the kids?
2-What level of PDA are you comfortable with in front of you when the kids aren't there?
Thanks YouAreHere!

In response:

#1 - at this time, in front of pnutt the 8 year old boy NONE besides a hug. Our oldest has had the poly talk and in all honesty NONE for her too since she's bothered by her dad and I kissing in front of her.

#2 - I've been fine in the past with them sitting next to each other when we went out to eat as they were on an official date and even being naked in her hot tub together. But my in person compersion has changed drastically since my surgery in Dec and it's like I'm starting all over again. I think a hug, kiss (not make out) in front of me at this time I can handle, but not more than that.

But this is almost a "poly couples" get together and I only have bassman as my couple....just not ready for it.
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