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You are welcome. Glad you feel a bit better.

As to the rest... Worse for who?

OSO: Pay attention to me even though you are under duress!
you: No. Not at this time. (You did that -- so good for you!)
OSO: (expresses disappointment inappropriately at you with freaking out stuff.)
you: No, thank you. Please learn to express disappointment appropriately. Please do not shout at me. This is not appropriate.

wife: Let's move away from NJ!
you: No, thank you. This is not appropriate time to consider moving to another state. Please do not add to the load we already have.Please focus on task at hand.
Disappointing day for THEM maybe, but not necessarily for you. You cannot get rid of ALL your stress today. Limit of the Universe. You have a lot going on. But you can REDUCE new incoming stress!

Could say "No" to things coming across your desk. Could even say it nicely. "No, thank you. Not at this time." There. Done. Then suggest the behavior to do and the behavior not to do. You are a parent - I'm guessing you have done "traffic cop" with your children before.
"No, thank you. You may not stick boogers on the couch. You may get a tissue."
Maybe that could serve you here with your partners? Detach a bit and just "traffic cop" responses to reduce incoming stress.

Right now you want some time to yourself to think and sort. So... create it! Learning to say "no" firmly is an awesome skill. Makes saying "Yes!" all that much more pleasurable!

You can do this. Hang in there!

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