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wow just wow. Thank you for the advice. I really find the poly community literally the best and most knowledgable people about relationships that exists today.

As if things couldn't get worse, I woke up this morning and my wife wants to move to another state where it is warm. We live in NJ. Big argument on that. She does have a good heart and wants things to work out. I will give her that. Although I don't know if its because she "needs" me to support her or truly wants to be my partner.

The fatal attraction thing was brought up last night by my brother I when I read and study the description its exactly what it is. My OSO sent me a message complaining that I didn't send her any messages in the past 3 hours. So I replied with "I'm sorry but I like time to myself sometimes" and she got angry and flew off the handle. I just don't feel that that represents a healthy relationship.

I agree with your recommendations. It will be a process and a challenging one at that but I CAN do it.

Thanks and much love!

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