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Originally Posted by Ilove2men View Post

And Also, I think a monos who love polys support group would be grand. Like minded people giving advice on pros and cons of this relationship. A true understanding of what you're going through. It sounds way better than, myeah of course you'd say that, you're poly. LOL In all seriousness though, it warms my heart to think of my fiance having s group of people that get what he's feeling. But thats not really the support group you were talking of. Sorry for getting off topic.
A little tongue in cheek here
We often joke about me forming a mono support group at our monthly poly meetings. My response is 10 monos go to the meeting and instead of answers you end up with 5 couples

In all seriousness though, if intimate connections form at our poly meetings they don't come at the expense of existing relationships. If intimate connections formed at a meeting for monos...well...we only love one at a get the picture

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