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No, there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting and asking for his attention to be on you or the family during family time. When you are actively doing something together, it's actually extrememly rude to switch his attention to someone else, especially if you're having romantic time. Leo has to be in the moment with me during couple time, especially when we are talking. To that point, I suggest telling bassman that while you agree talking is very important and must be done, you will only discuss important issues face-to-face. Insisting it must be done over text minimizes the importance of the discussion and leaves huge gaps in what is communicated. You need to be able to see facial expressions, gestures, and hear vocal tones to communicate effectively. Text should be used for "don't forget milk", not for "we need to talk." Then refuse to discuss heavy subjects further in text. Turn off the phone if he refuses to wait. It's his relationship too, and he should take it seriously. If it's not important enough to discuss in person, then it's not important enoigh to discuss at all. Good luck!
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