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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
You don't have to share all those resources like a home, finances, etc., to be considered a co-primary. Many people conduct poly relationships without a hierarchy and view each relationship they have as equally important. That is sometimes called an egalitarian approach. So, what prevents you from believing him when he says you are not secondary?
Well said on both points.

Co-primary is a relative description of importance, regarding how you are treated by the hinge. Does he put you first as much as he does thenother WHEN POSSIBLE?

Sure, the location/resource issue equates to a priority is not eventually addressed to everyone's mutual satisfaction, but thst takes time when money and jobs are involved. Dont see them as immediate indicators of priority.

NYCindie is also asking the surgical question. Dont you believe him? If not, then what would it take and on what timeline?
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