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Originally Posted by MeeraReed View Post
Glad to hear things are looking up, Mags.

I think you should meet Buddhist and get to know her as a human instead of thinking of her as a "vagina and throat" that Ginger could get diseases from. I think you might like her--I think she's a lot like you.

I've followed your story on this forum with great admiration, but one thing you haven't dealt with much is having female metamours. (Not counting Ginger's wife, who isn't sexual with her husband so it's different). I struggle with that a bit too, but I'd really like to be friends with a cool metamour someday.
Well, R and Ginger have sex a few times a year! Once a season maybe!

But yeah, it's always been easier when I've met miss p's bfs... Might make the thing with Buddhist easier, if they become a real item. He's not sure how often she will really want to, or be able to get together. 20 miles away, 4 other partners, etc.
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