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Hello all,

I thought I'd introduce myself as I've been lurking on this forum for a while and finally decided to register.

In 29 days, I'm getting married to a wonderful woman I love deeply. We've both been poly in the past, but closed our relationship when we realized the feelings we had for each other. This worked out well for us, but recently the discussion of opening the relationship has come up. I had a bad experience with my last poly relationship (she cheated, lied, etc) so I've been a bit hesitant to open things up again, especially with someone I feel so strongly about. Once bitten, twice shy sort of thing. While the Wife-To-Be isn't pushing in any way, she's told me that she wouldn't mind an open relationship.

In theory, I have no issue with the wife getting a bit on the side. In practice, I'm feeling insecure. Possibly because I know the person that she'd play with first (and soon). He's a good guy and fellow vet (that goes a long way with me). The thought of her having sex with him isn't the issue (or the biggest issue), it's the thought of her having a relationship with him. I know that's not very PC, but it's the truth.

So I'm joining this forum for support and for help in understanding my feelings. I'd like to thank everyone for posting. Your sharing has already helped me understand my feelings, and I look forward to contributing my own story as life progresses.

As an aside, I'm rather tipsy right now, so if this post is incoherent or rambling, I blame Kraken brand rum. :-)
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