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There was a woman on another forum who felt the relationship status of someone she is interacting with on any level is irrelevant. She is in polyamorous relationships and completely upfront with her own partners, respecting their differing levels of comfort in regards to sharing. Nevertheless, she felt that any exclusivity clause a couple makes is between them and it is the responsibility of those two people to sustain it. If she approaches someone who is meant to be in an closed relationship, they should decline her advances and shouldn't be approaching her. She sees anyone who accepts her advances or approaches her as fair game. She doesn't believe that being ethical in non monogamy includes monitoring the relationships of others, she believes that it involves an individual being honest with the people she interacts with directly. I think a lot of her perspective is colored by the view that exclusivity is a stupid thing to need or agree to in the first place.

I agree with her to an extent. Not about exclusivity though.

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