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What about the person approaching? Isn't part of being ethical ascertaining that the person you've approached is either single or in a relationship that permits socialising and dating in that sort of capacity?

I ask because I reckon the majority of people would avoid someone who is cheating because they don't want to be complicit in that unethical activity, so shouldn't they be checking that the person they've approached isn't meant to be on the market? I mean sure, they could lie but just as a first line of defence, you'd think one would at least ask if their target isn't cheating. Not just that, but also to see if this is a person they can just have a drink and a chat with or is this someone they could potentially invite home this evening.

Lastly, if someone approaches you and doesn't ask your relationship status, what does that say about them? That they're not aware of the prevalence of non monogamous relationships? That they don't care if you're cheating? Or they assume people don't cheat?

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