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I continue to heal. The day after The Talk with Ginger, yesterday, he came over because I felt like my fever is gone and we had great sex. I also had great sex with miss p last night, including kinky stuff. Yay. So great to be feeling something approaching normal again.

Ginger also stayed to walk the dog with me, and then I sent him home even though he offered to stay longer. I was hungry and needed a nap. I am sleeping better now that we've cleared the air. It was kinda funny in our talk, how he resisted the idea that he has 5 sexual/emotional relationships, and so does Buddhist. I think once I finally pinned him down about the actual number of her lovers, and his, and did the math, it gave him pause. He likes being fluid bonded with me, of course...

We are making weekend plans. I finally heard from my landlord. Asbestos removal date is finally set--Monday! So, I had been discussing a sleepover with Ginger and we've made this plan: he comes over Saturday and we move out the rest of the stuff downstairs except for the couch and TV. Then we all 3 watch a sexy movie (I am thinking the D/s classic, Secretary). Next day, move out TV and couch.

Our long national nightmare is coming to an end! I hope! We still then need to have new carpet put in, plus some hopefully attractive vinyl in the half bath down there. Be great to have that done the very next day.
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