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Prof is taking me to see the house this evening. I am looking forward to having a nosy, I keep trying to make the numbers work in my head, so that I could move in with Roomie but I want to start repaying my student loan asap, so conclusion has to be no.

Prof has still not given Roomie his decision yet and I am getting a little frustrated on Roomie's behalf. Maybe I will get a hint tonight.

I read an interesting blog article on "Casual Love," I'll try to find the link again. The basic thrust was saying "I love you," doesn't have to be a big thing and it doesn't have to have expectations attached. I liked that idea, I sometimes wonder if I am capable of "Serious Love,"( in the romantic sense) and now I find there is an alternative, casual love. I love, but there are no expectations. Valentine's Day, make you think!

I had my heart broken once, the sad song, not eating, pining away, kind of deal. I was 23. It seems like a lifetime ago. I haven't grieved the loss of a romantic love like that since. It was a sudden break-up, I didn't see it coming, there was nothing I could do to fix it.

Must viewing.
Me: mid 40s female
Mr Dom: late 40s. 6 months
Prof: 50s. 3 years.
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