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Thanks, guys. You don't know how much your words mean to me NYC and starlight1.

I'm very submissive when it comes to a lot of things because I don't care that much. When I care, I'm not submissive and tend to be very aggressive when I feel I'm being ignored. Leo knows that, and frequently takes advantage of my submissiveness, but he's also learned to back down fast when I get my back up. I was infuriated when I wrote that post, and poured it all out in a letter to him because he wasn't home at the time. When he read it, he immediately backed up. He was abashed and horrified. Wanted to know what he had said and done specifically, apologized, and started working with me on it. Nothing is resolved yet on that front, but the passive-aggressive crap and insulting comments have stopped. Usually, when I bring something up to him he starts working on it. Doesn't try to blame me or make me feel bad, just tries to figure out what happened, where it went wrong, and what to do about it. Of course, it goes both ways. I'm not perfect either and have my days when I can be a real bitch. As long as we are both working and moving in the right direction, I have no room for complaints. I'm glad he recognized what was happening and took steps. He knows the guy I was talking about and even offered to try to make it happen. Somehow, I don't see that working.

The weather here has been absolutely awful. I live on the Gulf Coast and we were expecting to be hit pretty hard by the winter storm. Get your shopping done, gas up, booze, beer, and cigarettes, right? We were sitting pretty when the ice fell from the sky. Not snow, but sleet and freezing rain. Woke up to a sheet of ice in the front yard and the back yard. It looked pretty, but it was intensely cold and very dangerous to drive on. We had a few wrecks in our area, but it wasn't bad. Nobody went to work or school for 3 days. However, I work from home anyway so I was nose to the grindstone throughout.

My coworkers in Birmingham (Alabama) weren't so lucky. A lot were stranded overnight at work, in churches, drug stores, whatever place they could walk to that was safe and warm. They've been filtering out to get their cars today. Things are slowly returning back to normal, and no one I knew was hurt or had property damage outside crashed cars. I know everyone else looks at us with a giant WTH ringing through their heads, but we are not set up to deal with things like that. The night before the storm hit, all the weather forecasters were predicting the snow would be 100 miles south of Birmingham, so no one knew to prepare up there. Here, we don't have salt trucks or plows, just sand (yay for the beach!). Power boxes aren't insulated against ice, power lines are susceptible to falling if ice builds up too much, and no one in my city has seen icy roads like this in 13 years or so. It's a bit like Hurricane Sandy hitting the northeast. It wasn't that powerful a storm, but not being set up to deal with something like that left devastation. This wasn't as horrible, but it was pretty bad. I'm just glad it's over, at least in my area.

I hope you all are staying warm and appreciate the supportive comments.
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