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Susan's tough times continue, but it's making us closer. She had two bad experiences this week. I stayed up with her texting as much as I could. Talked to her on the phone when she could. I skyped her to sleep last night. She's doing really well considering, but I'm glad I'm there to virtually hold her hand. She's allowing herself to need me (or anyone) more than she's ever been comfortable doing. I'm really excited to visit her again in a few weeks.

I did ask hockeygirl out. She asked countered with me joining her and her friends, which I thought was a great idea. However, when the day rolled around I felt really terrible and even went home from work early, so I had to reschedule. There's olympic and playoff hockey in the next few months so we'll have more opportunity. Stakes doesn't like me seeing her. She thinks it's way too dangerous.

My potential woman disappeared again.

Kay is back in school grind, so we aren't spending much time together. I was able to help her with some schoolwork last night so that was nice. I need to plan something for valentine's.

Everything is pretty stable, and I don't have any unanswered relationship questions so I'm pretty happy. I have added a lumberjill into my circle. I think we're friends+. Not exactly benefits, but not exactly casual either.
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