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Originally Posted by kamala View Post

I mean, how many people here would be happy being monogamous if exactly the 100% right person came along, that fulfilled all your needs etc? And if that's the case, is your choosing to be polyamorous a gesture of bad faith in that being a possibility?

I don't mean to come across cheeky or anything. Sometimes I find the answers I'm looking for by following the line of reasoning that seems least logical to me...

For me it isn't about what is enough or who meets all my needs,
you could ask the same question about a couple who choose to have more than one child,
you could say
how many mothers out there would have a second child if the first met all there needs, and does that make any sense? When you realise its just not about that its about being capable of love and not viewing love and something like money that you only have so much off.

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