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Originally Posted by Kimk010514 View Post
I care about them dearly and love them to death I would do anything for them I honestly don't think their Marriage is going to end ... My biggest thing is that I moved from Michigan to Indiana to be with them. Don't get me wrong the wife gets an attitude over the smallest thing and that just makes her husband seems like he is snapping at her and he ain't.. The husband works from 11 at night till 7:30 in the morning and the wife works anywhere from 7 in the morning till about 3-5 o'clock in the evening so by the time the wife gets home the husbands is sleeping... And she says she don't get upset or jealous that me and the husband spend more time together and have more sex then they do
Ouch, living with them, okay. That puts an entirely different spin on things. How long have you been living with them? How long did you date before you moved in?
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