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Originally Posted by Kimk010514 View Post
I feel like their relationship is in trouble since I have been in the picture but I have asked over and over again and they both said their marriage is not in trouble
It's called lying, wish fulfillment, denial or evasion. Lots of couples play pretend until it's too late to salvage anything. Sometimes fighting is warranted over real issues that were simmering long before you showed up (but unfortunately were sparked by the change you represent). Sometimes one of them turns into an idiot when they're feeling gushy over someone new. And sometimes the other spouse gradually builds resentment until they become unbearable. Anyway, plenty of threads on here are chock full of couple implosions sparked by a new person. Doesn't mean that'll happen to them, doesn't mean it won't.

But your gut instincts and feelings should be listened to.
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