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Wow, good question. I see no need to flame throw. I see it as I did when I came out as a lesbian. I needed a swing in the other direction from hetrosexual mainstream society as I do now with poly. I have swung the other way from mono mainstream society. I think that just like when I realized that perhaps I'm not as big of a lesbian as I thought (after 10 years), and maybe be bisexual, (now I identify as pansexual), that there is a chance that I at least will swing to my balancing point and gather my family around me slowly and stay with who I am with for years. I started out in a much different place as a swinger after cheating on my mono boyfriends for years.

I guess what I am saying is that all these steps are towards who i really am.

Someone who is gay could not go back in the closet for instance, another way of looking at it.

I can understand the way you feel though. It would be very frustrating to try and understand why someone could not just suck it up and be mono. After all, it would be easier. When I think of the richness in my life and losing that though, a part of me would die. What is the point of living if I can't live to my fullest? *weep*
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