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Prof is still not confirming if Roomie has got the house. No-one else turned up to the open house, no other applications at this point. Prof and Roomie had over an hour to chat, so fingers crossed. Prof wants to check references etc, I told Roomie he should have put me down, haha.

Interesting position to be involved in this. Roomie is so excited and wants it done, but Prof has his set way and order of doing things and is not likely to deviate or skip. I am in no way pressuring or even bringing it up with Prof, I let him initiate the conversation if he wants to. I am involved with texting for meetings as Prof does not like to give out his phone number. Prof did mention it would be nice to get back to coming round to my house again. I replied that I would like that too.

Then Prof met me and the munchkins for bike shopping, there weren't any, but we ate samples and sat and had pizza with the kids. Kid #2 didn't recognize Prof. I forget that #2 is always asleep but #1 gets to say hi when Prof comes round. It was sweet and funny, both kids are enthusiastic chatters and Prof is good with them, bit of a domesticated scene.

So I booked a sitter, can't really bitch and moan about no weekend nights then not come through. It is an event activity which will be great fun. Roomie might be in the new house on Saturday which means we could have some fun in my bed for a change.
Prof had misread a meeting time, the thought he was going to be late on Thursday but in fact will be in town, so we can get an early start, BD play, local activity and then dinner and overnight. All declared and above board.

We had a bit of a talk about BD play rules, we were not in agreement about what is close to the edge and what is not. I called "Red" in the last 2 play sessions. We haven't played in a couple of months and what with the other issues, play was off the table for a while. It was time to get a few things cleared up before we play again.
I say he should know when it is getting close to being enough, we use yellow and numbers 1-10 as check ins. He says he wants to get to 10, edge play, so I need to l raise the numbers faster. Anyway, we ended up agreeing on "no bruising" which sets a clear limit to start. I rather prefer the sensation play, I like to float off, or hard fucking and aggression. I do not want to be thinking about numbers and colors. He has an amazing selection of whips, floggers, paddles, and super sensation play gear, even an electricity thingy. But his favorite is a cane, and it hurts, I have come not to like it at all. Enough that I clearly stated if we couldn't get the levels sorted then I wasn't going to play anymore. Do not imagine he goes bat shit crazy or anything, but if we can't communicate effectively on this then best to leave it alone. Or, aha, idea strikes, just ban the cane! Why didn't I think of that before, d'oh.
Kip, Kip, Kip, sex was always great and easy. The perfect combination of biting, spanking, pulling, hard, fast, slow, we had safe words too, but I never used them. He is the master at reading where you are at and what to do next. Always seemed natural and effortless. I miss sex with Kip, a lot.
I miss Kip on the whole really.
Edited to add: I miss what I imagined him to be.
Me: 40s female
Prof: 50s male.
Jay: 50s male.

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