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Originally Posted by Vinccenzo View Post
That hot or not, it is still a complete disregard of who I am other than what I look like so....not a compliment. It feels like a want to remove me as a person and a want to make who I am not matter. It feels like an act of aggression coming from another woman because she should? know what its like to be wanted for her body only.
I understand what you are saying, I'm only trying to give you what the opposite view might be.

It takes a little warm up for me to 'want' my wife, (not a lot of warm up, just a few kisses and such), but if not for the kissing and such you would think me totally asexual. However, my point is that I can imagine someone with a much lower threshold of warmup (talking to her, seeing her, etc) because she is, in fact, totally hot.

EDIT: I wanted to add that I agree that such a reaction is in fact a total disregard for you as a person, because it's all in their head; you could be a cardboard cutout at that point.
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