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Default Seasons 1 - 4 on DVD.

Hooray! Since I still don't have cable service and can't get any TV reception in the city without it, I decided to splurge. The Boxed set of DVDs just arrived today, with a nice tote bag. Was going to borrow it from the library but they had 83 copies and none available because there are 130 people on the wait list!

Yep, I've got Seasons 1 through 4 (pre-release) in my hot little hands. I haven't seen any of Season 3 yet, so I will start with that tonight to catch up. Then, on to Season 4, which only started last week here, I believe. I purposely ignored anyone talking about it because I wanted to see Season 3 first. But my boss did say she didn't think Season 4 is as good as the previous three. Can't wait to see for myself!

Oh, and I bought Downton Abbey earrings, too. Totally an impulse purchase - they're not even my style, though I've always loved Edwardian fashion!
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