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Did you talk with him about all the above or just the "feeling he was being considerate" part? Just asking, because it's unclear to me from the above. If you did, then that's all you can really do right now is to try to work on trusting him to be someone different than C was.
He asked me 'what the rules where'. He's very very new to poly. I told him there are no rules, as far as I'm concerned, except honesty - and a preference, that I like major things to be discussed in person and not over email. He agreed and told me he felt the same.

I don't know! He IS another person. yet I am freaking out. My husband can go out on a ton of dates and I never feel like this. I guess because I feel more secure about his love? The combo of new love + insecurities = killing.

I know I have to trust him. He is a very different person. It's my own issues that make the trust thing hard.
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