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Originally Posted by PolyinPractice View Post
I'll get my small rant out of the way:

You want a girl to be join you as a couple. You and everyone else. I'm a potential unicorn, that is I'm willing to date a couple. I see these ads all the time. And NOT ONCE have I ever seen the couple showing me what they have to offer me. It's all about them.


Dating a couple is risky. I might fall in love with the husband, and get kicked out by the wife, if I refuse to be intimate with her. I might develop attachments-- and find it difficult to find a "legitimate" partner who is accepting of my poly relationship. I might have issues telling friends and family. Unicorns get burned, frequently, and as a result, can shy away from future attempts.

It's a big thing you're asking for; what are you willing to give in return?
A "unicorn" posted on facebook this morning she was dumped by her couple via email. Guess they didn't have the guts to tell her to her face and she's hurting bad now, probably even more, by not having it done in person.
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