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Default It doesn't feel like a compliment

I don't know if anyone else experiences this but what is up with new partners and their willingness to hop in bed with the OSO of their new crush without having ever met or spoken to them?

My husband consistently finds female partners who, at best, might have seen a picture of me and express a willingness to have threesomes. I am aware that some people are into truly anonymous sex. I just can't get with that myself and I don't find it to be a compliment that someone would have sex with me without getting to know me. HE isn't even into anonymous sex. We tried this before and it was awful to have someone not seem to want to know me prior and never try to know me after either and they continue dating.

It irritates me that my husband thinks its a compliment. I tell him perhaps it is and they are complimenting HIM in some "I'm so turned on I'd screw anyone you want" kind of way. But he always seems stunned that I'm not flattered or interested. In fact if I were to be interested, hearing this out of someone who has never met me kills all possibility that it might happen. I seem unable to find the right words to express how this makes me feel. I try and he thinks I'm making assumptions.
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