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Originally Posted by Quath View Post
The way I see it is that polyamory is a new perspective on relationships. It focuses less on the idea that your partner is your possession and more on the idea that your partner is with you because they want to be with you. It deals with jealousy in a way that treats it as a sympton of a deeper feeling than the problem itself. It focuses much more on honesty and communication.

So I think this can work for multiple partners or just one.
I feel the need to quibble a little...

I think that polyamory is loving multiple people at once (or having the capacity to do so).

In order to do that you need to focus on all the things that you mention, which are totally excellent points.

But all of those things can (and should, in my opinion) be equally applied to a good monogamous relationship.

It's a fine distinction, I know, but when I have talked to some professional counsellors (in both a social and professional capacity) and have talked about what it takes to make poly work well, their reaction has pretty much been "well, this is great stuff, because this is what it takes to make ANY relationship work well".

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