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Roomie is meeting with Prof to try and secure the house, I am waiting for the text. I told Roomie not to stress it if it doesn't work out. I am not going to kick him out anytime soon.

Prof has asked for Saturday night, of course I have the kids this weekend but we will discuss it later. Possibly doing having little time on Thurs night and then Sat if I can get a sitter. 2 official dates in one week.

I got a whammy child care drop-in bill from December, when ex was flaking, so I am not feeling very inclined to pay for a sitter, but I appreciate that he is making the Saturday night effort for me.

We are meeting in a while for him to help me pick out new bikes for the kids, oldest is getting birthday money from the grandparents which should cover both of them. I am looking forward to getting us all out on an easy bike path this weekend. I used to bike all over the place until they got too heavy to haul in the trailer. Don't think a trip to the store with kids counts as a date

I had a not very good OKC date on Friday, Ce'st la vie. OKPea rescheduled from Sat to Sun and then cancelled, so done with that.
Been IMing with Kip a little, no contact over the weekend. He is too busy at work to meet, and I am not asking. It's ok, getting easier.
Me: mid 40s female.
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