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I completely understand your reasoning behind our rant.
I apologize if my post came across as us wanting what we want and that's all. That is not the fact. We have discussed the whole situation 100's of times prior to acting on anything, and our main priority is everyone's comfort, and definitely the fact that we don't want ANYONE feeling left out. We are adults, and agreeing to do this requires that we be ready and prepared for anything. We obviously want To fulfill this again....but ultimately only if its the "right" girl and we hit it off. Our other main thing, is that we DO NOT want multiple females, or random one night stands. I see many couples posting for hookups! This is not our intention....we want a companion with similar interests! Not only will this female want respect for their potential lover....she deserves it and from both of us! We will consistently treat you as an equal....and NEVER want her to be treated as an object or toy. Thank you for your feedback!! I can honestly say we are very different from the millions of other couples. Much higher risk with random multiple hookups!
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