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I'm on day 6 of this "cold," flu, really. Still taking cold meds! Weak, stuffy, stomach upset. At least the cough isn't as wracking as it was there.

Asbestos removal in basement family room and laundry room? Still no idea on a date.

Ginger saw how sick I am and came over 3 days in a row to help miss p move furniture to the pod, and glassware collection to the basement storage room, which is cement floored and can be sealed off during asbestos removal. Here is a love language he speaks, though he denies it's love, "helping is its own reward," he says.

Well, I will take it as I can get it.

His date with Tamara is today. I guess her herpes isn't active at the moment. He is going there at 4, all the way into Boston, which drive he hates. I am almost too sick to care. But I still do not feel great about it. I feel betrayed and abandoned. Maybe I will get used to the concept/situation once he is done with the date and comes back to me to reconnect. Maybe it will take a few more dates with her. Maybe it will take meeting her. I don't fucking know.

Bleh. The winter of my discontent.
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