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Originally Posted by Tonberry View Post
This is still a movie made by humans, who could have created a plot without all the cheating if they had felt like it, or even realised it was an option.

If we're talking about the effect a movie can have on society, we should take into account the fact that it was also made by that society. It's not to say the movie is bad or that it doesn't make sense. But the fact that it can be justified in-universe does not mean it wasn't made by humans who had total control over the plot and decided to make it so it would make sense in-universe for her to cheat.
Except that she is so alien that she decides to leave to associate with other aliens as part of the plot.

So many of her behaviors are alien that it doesn't make sense to get hung up on her alien behavior of seeing multiple people at the same time.

It's like complaining about an octopus having 6 extra arms.

I haven't seem the movie, yet, but have read the wiki.

One of her explanations is that there are huge gaps in their respective perception of time. Imagine if you lived a thousand lifetimes in the span of a moment, like that.

Why would loving 641 people simultaneously be a problem? Why is cheating even an issue in that context? It's like having a pet goldfish that only lives for a couple years, so you keep a tank of 12 of them simultaneously. I'm sure the movie, being written by flawed humans, doesn't handle this as perfectly as it could, however.
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