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It's good that you're reading about emotional abuse. In various places, you can find charts and lists of kinds of abuse, and physical abuse is only one of many kinds of abuse. All the other things that come before are also abuse - and like bookbug said, fear should not be your primary emotion. If it is, you need to change your situation.

And you can do it. Change can happen. It will be hard, it takes strength, and you will need people around you that you can lean on. They will be surprised at your change, as you go from being supportive to needing support. They will, if all goes well, love you and help you and hold you. They will be there for you.

There are also plenty of support structures out there for you, including in the military. You're a medic, you're part of a team, and you need their help. You need to find a private place to speak up - finding that might be the most important act for you, right now. You need compassion, respect, and support.

Good luck. I wish you all the strength you can find.
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