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Originally Posted by Inthedark View Post
So over the past week I have been thinking about the advice that has been given to me in this forum. I've done several hours of research into emotional abuse. I find that all of the indicators are there. Problem is, I can't convince myself that I'm not just blowing things out of proportion.
I think when emotional abuse begins in a relationship, its start is insidious. At first we may consider the harsh behavior as the exception to our partner's usually loving behavior. But then time goes on, and the harsh behavior becomes more frequent - yet we are still operating under our initial assessment that such behavior is the exception rather than rule. We don't want to recognize that the person we love has a monstrous side. And we adapt and tell ourselves it's not really that bad, that we are probably blowing it out of proportion. We are not really in touch with just how completely inappropriate our spouse's behavior is.

Yet the fact remains that FEAR should not be the primary emotion one has towards one spouse.
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