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I haven't had a chance yet to reply to RP (RP, I love you!).

I just read the whole page.
I only have a second, this is my couple hours to spend with GG and as you can all see, we do have some things to deal with that require my attention.

Yes, I do love him, no I'm not in any way trying to punish him. What i see is this, he can't (at least for now) meet my expectations for a primary. That could change and if it does I am MORE than willing to put the roles back.

But I love him. I can't just "let him go". At the same time, I can't handle the repeated disappointment and hurt, and it's not fair for the family to deal with the drama.
My expectations of a secondary are different, the privileges are different also, but the expectations are different. They are expectations he's dealt with for damn near to 17 years with no problem.
He's not upholding what even he would want from a primary.... so I'm actually changing it for HIS benefit. Because if things go as they have been, Maca will put his foot down and he will have to move out. THAT would take SO much more away from him (and I as well) than this will.
Also-this way gives him TIME to work on figuring out IF he really wants and can provide what a primary role would entail. All of the time he needs-without a battle, without a drama, without all of those consequences that could potentially destroy what we DO have.

As for talking for me, that was DEAD on-so no harm, no foul.

More later when I have some time to myself.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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