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Thanks for the response and advice on the matter. I am 100% involved in my wife and soon to be here son. The M situation has changed. 2 wks of being back on shift with her has shown me in my absence how far she has fallen. The once mature fun person I enjoyed is replaced by a person trying to recapture the clubbing lifestyle. She has become a person I saw alot when my mother worked and owned daycares. Those mothers who rather be out doing god knows what while her children are left by the roadside. Lies continue and I m not hear it. To me its done. Reading post here and people's experiences in happy positive relationships, has helped me see that she is a complete waste of time as anything. Friendship is gone, but she wants to keep our friendship. I do know how babies consume alot of you time. Thats a welcomed thing. Especially with possibility of being a stay at home father.

Quick update: jan25th. Worked with M had a conversation bout things. Called her out on alot of her bs. Keep wife informed with screenshots and emails. Yea she knew everything that was going on. In the end just said forget it and don't worry about it. Everything with her has ceased as far as anything emotional. If its not about work I dont talk to her. It was like a role reversal.* Me empowered and her suffering. Will what happens have 2 more days to work with her.
As far for me and her, she is on the out. She is hiding to much of her feelings like an iceberg, 60% of the truth is underwater.

My wife is my rock and my support, as I m hers. I m more than grateful of all she does. Me joining this forum has help immensely, first thing I did after joining was have her check it out. Well now she is a member as well. From all the articles and other blogs about this,* we got she should just deal with it. I didnt like that atittude. This forum has been a godsend for us both. So thanks for all the
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