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W - you have a baby who will be here soon & a very loving supportive wife. Will you be focused on helping A out when you are home? Babies take up a lot of time and are a lot of work. No matter what you decide to do regarding how you feel for M, are you going to be able to be a 100% co-parent? Feedings every two to three hours, constant diaper changes, lots of crying and if momma is emotional at all, baby will sense it a 100% escalating the stress of a new born.

M is not serious about you & just seems to get off on how she affects you. Whatever went on between her & her soon to be ex, you only know her story, not his. Not saying her side wasn't told to you truthfully but you never know. And honestly, if she had been vindictive with you in the past as just a coworker, if you decide she is toxic and not worth it, will she be vindictive again, possibly getting you fired? She just does not appear to be trust worthy.

I'd sever ties civilly with her and focus on the new life about to be here. This baby deserves 100% of your attention and love, he/she did not ask you to create her/him and being all crazy emotional over a woman who truly doesn't care about you is not fair to this soon to be little person in your life.

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