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Default Love and Safety

So over the past week I have been thinking about the advice that has been given to me in this forum. I've done several hours of research into emotional abuse. I find that all of the indicators are there. Problem is, I can't convince myself that I'm not just blowing things out of proportion. In seeking professional help, I've found that the behavioral health providers here where I'm deployed are actually a little to close for me to be comfortable with. I am a medic and all the medical folks kind of work together. Im not ready to let someone who sees me as a collegue into that part of my life.
That said, things are going very well with my special friend. After much thought, I've decided that I really like the pace at which things are moving. It is very similar in my mind to old fashoned courting. I help her with her college classes, I escort her places that she needs to go, I share some meals with her, and I walk her home after dinner. We usually spend several minutes after this walk chatting and then we say our good-nights. The other night I was fortunate enough to be able to touch her hand. It sent shock waves through my body! It seems to be a slow and sweet, old fashoned romance and I'm really digging it.
Thanks to all for the advice and as I determine my course of action, I will keep everyone posted.
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