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There was a death in hubby's family. We traveled back to our home state for the funeral and to be with family for a week. It was stressful, it was busy, and it re-affirmed that we truly do love living where we do. It was also fantastic to see the kids (5 nieces and 2 nephews) as well as our parents, siblings, and, of course, all of hubby's extended family. While it was a sad reason that got us there, the visit was lovely, and everyone was able to reminisce and grieve together while we sat and played games and caught up.

So, back to reality!

We got back today. Changing time zones as well as lack of solid rest while we were gone made a nap necessary for me. Hubby had plans with Lady tonight, and I was going to go out with Boy. Well, Boy cancelled (family stuff), and hubby asked me while I was still mostly asleep if he could have the car since I wasn't going out (normally he takes public transit since he is more comfortable doing the mile walk from the bus stop alone in the dark - or I go pick him up when we get the timing down right). So, I am trapped at home (literally trapped - feet are blistered from walking in some BAD shoes this morning so going a mile to the bus stop isn't really doable). I really do not like feeling trapped. Trying to enjoy getting caught up in some shows and enjoying the fact that I don't have to wear pants while home!

We did some talking while we were out of town, and hubby and I THINK we've come up with a decent enough plan for time management for a bit. Whenever he wants to begin having overnights with Lady, we will have to make some changes (and she has invited him to spend the night this weekend, so it is hubby that is waiting to take that step - which I am incredibly grateful for and have told him such), but I love structure so even having a short term idea of how things will go makes me feel tons better.

Radio didn't contact me AT ALL during the week. I had plans with him the day before we flew out, but I needed the time to pack and get things ready so I asked him if he wanted to come over instead of going out as we'd planned - he said no, he'd feel in the way and it wasn't worth the hour or so each way that it takes on public transit. Fine. Then I text him when we land and ask some random questions about stuff he has going on. No response. All week. We get back today, and I get a text about how it was a crazy week for him. Well, me, too. I just lost someone who has been a part of my life and family to me for a decade. Some support or a "thinking of you" at some point would have been nice. His seeming utter lack of interest in being a support for me is enough for me to just be done with him as a person. I don't need any more selfish people in my life.

I did start talking to a guy from OKC right before we got the news about the death, and we'd tentatively made plans for this week. That obviously didn't happen, but he continued chatting with me via text all week and was very kind and sweet. I'm not sure that I'll have time to have coffee with him this week, but I'm hoping that we can make that happen. We've actually crossed paths at some events before, so it's interesting that we've never REALLY met just seen each other from a distance. We're both just looking for friends, with the potential for more down the road, so it's nice to have a no pressure person around to talk about nonsense with.
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